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Psychopomp by thedancingemu



9 October 2014 at 16:45:47 MDT

5” x 7”, watercolor, white gel pen, white ink and pencil. Testing out the aquarelle paper I picked up a while ago, and more playing with weird lighting.

Not the best photo, I need to get a scanner but there’s not way I can buy one right now.

Owls are one of many creatures called psychopomps in folklore, said to guide the spirits of the dead to the afterlife, hence the title and the little glowey spirit bits. I really like barn owls, they have such a pretty, alien look to them, I used to sketch them a lot in high school but I never finished painting one. I suck a lot less at painting feathers now, so that helps.

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    Your trees and plants are amazing, and you capture such strong atmosphere. Amazing work.

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    I learned a lot just by reading the description. Given the nature of the story, the picture illustrates it well. I also like the appearance of barn owls too.

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      Yeah, I don't remember where I first learned about animal psychopomps (probably a fantasy novel?), but it's interesting to read about the magical attributes given to ordinary animals by different cultures, some of it's really weird and pretty funny, especially if you look through medieval bestiaries.

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        I will have to read about the medieval bestiary. ..I don't know anything about it but I bet it would be really interesting.