And so can you! by The Critter Factory

And so can you!

The Critter Factory

28 January 2014 at 15:13:27 MST

I was reading a few comments about not being able to afford a fursuit from us here at the Critter Factory. I certainly understand. The reason I started making costumes in the first place was because I simply could not afford a fursuit however many years ago.

Did you ever want to give fursuit making a shot?

We do offer headkits of most of the heads we make. This pictured example on the left was made from the base on the right. Of course, there was some additional carving, shaping, sanding, gluing, and etc done. Still, the basic building blocks are there for you to have similar results. I wanted to show an example of what we make out of our own bases. Again... some additional assembly required.

Additionally, we are offering the new teeth you see in our example.

So, yes, I admit this is a tad opportunistic. At the same time, is it a cool product to offer both people looking for a more affordable option, or the DIY folks looking to make their own fursuit.

In addition to the head base itself, the kit includes eyes, buckram, nose, balaclava, teeth, and foam for ears.
The head is foam, so you can carve it as you would any other foam base.

The head kit's are $200.00, and shipping is free within the continental United States.

If you are interested, contact us



If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!

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    are these available all of the time? or is it just every now and again?