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Friendly Commute (Macro March 2021) by The-Crimson-Arcanine (critique requested)

Friendly Commute (Macro March 2021) (critique requested)


8 August 2021 at 17:54:18 MDT

Alexa here just hanging about greeting friendly people on her patrol. Feels kind of nice being this big not having to deal with always jumping from building to building.

Finally got my Macro March pic done! Tried to go with a sunset background here with the dark/light orange/yellow colors. vintage added to try and add to the sunset feel, since it usually gets darker during a sunset. Looking at it now there are things for me to improve on next time. Building geometry is one of them: the windows don't seem proportionally correct, especially comparing the grey building windows to the red building ones. Plus, the perspective could've been improved on: the building's could have a bigger slant to them so as to make them seem more like real buildings.

It reminds me of what George Lucas said while making Star Wars: "Movies are never finished, instead they are abandoned". With my drawings it always feels like I never want to "abandon" my drawings because I always think there is something I could do to make them look better or less bad looking. Probably the reason why I take so long to draw anything these days. Oh well I suppose. At least I'm having fun with it.

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