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The Art of Interrogation; Page 3 by theblackrook

The Art of Interrogation; Page 3


8 August 2014 at 15:06:42 MDT

And now we begin the next chapter in 'All the King's Men', King Essien of the Lioncourt Kingdom entertains Duke Merle of the Saurian Empire. Bitter enemies for many years. The rise of the Belkin Empire in central Thuria has forced a temporary end to hostilities. However there is always more to see and more going on within the dynamics of a kingdom on edge.

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Jess by teckly
Kal'Kina by midkantakina
Merle by merle
Vega by: artica

Special Guests this Page
Riyo by thumbclawz
Kiv by amun


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