How To Prevent Raping Page 1 by theblackrook

How To Prevent Raping Page 1


3 July 2014 at 00:24:24 MDT

So jwt wanted to do a comic based on this and I read it and said yup. I can do that. So this is what we came up with and I hope people will enjoy it for what it is, it will get graphic and sexual but it's all in good fun.

If this is not your thing, this is not your theme if rape is a sensitive subject this is the internet you can totally not click on this you see the title. It has something to do with rape. I understand how sensitive this issue is, but I also understand we all have choices. Please be respectful to the people who understand this is fantasy and for the sake of entertainment. If you don't like the premise keep it to yourself or I'm gonna ban hammer you.

James and Veronica are the creative property of jwt
Snowfire is the creative property of chakatsnowfire

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    Is this a satire of the how to prevent rape link?

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    Just make sure you tag it with rape and what is appropriate so that the filter system can do its job. :3

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    That link is effin' hilarious.