Travelers Through Time by theblackrook

Travelers Through Time


3 July 2014 at 00:18:11 MDT

Here is the finished Doctor WHO poster. This was quite a trial, but i am very glad it all came together.

A full size can be found here.

From right to left...

sathirran - Ada as Rose Tyler
Bastion as Mickey Smith
bornvictim - Opal as Sara Jane Smith
bellecandie - Dominique as Gwen Cooper
malkanis - Mal as Captain Jack Harkness
joducus - Jodi as Donna Noble
rageki - Kitara as Martha Jones
jwt - James as the 9th Doctor
leoian - Leoian as the 10th Doctor
jackojock - Moric as the 11th Doctor
merle - Merci as Clara Oswald
mintsmoker - Valencia as Lady Vastra
xywolf - Chimo as Strax
:Midkantakinaicon - Kal'kina as Jenny Flint
:Sathirranicon - Rose as River Song
:wonderinidioticon - Calno as Rory Williams
:thesnowedoneicon : Yukifox as Amy Pond