The Legend of the Crystal Kingdom by theblackrook

The Legend of the Crystal Kingdom
I'm currently, outside of commissions and comics and shit finishing up work on a comic that stars Marion and his sister. The two blue otters that have frequented some of my work and are considered some of my more popular characters. I have decided to tell you all more about them, but first, I'd like to tell you a little story about the history of their people. Anyone who reads all of these through will find the opportunity to get something particularly cool when its all said and done. It's a lot to read though, but enjoy.
*The story takes place in area that would be considered France, I don't know french, bare with me*

The Legend of the Crystal Kingdom;
A long time ago when the land of Gaule was young there existed several tribes of nomadic otters referred to simply as 'the blue ones', due to their rare and distinctive fur color. These blue otters traversed around the large coast of Rennes in the north western portion of Gaule. The blue otters never ventured far from the coast as the Sea of Malgven was their primary source of food and where they believed their Crystal Goddess, the great serpent Levinian resided. The blue otters were predominately a female warriors culture, fiercely territorial and often times clashed with their sister tribes as well as any Inlanders who encroached their lands.

    It is believed that the 'blue ones' have always had a low male birth rate. This combined with their unflinching belief in the female form and superiority is attributed to their matriarchal society. Males were seen as a precious and limited resource to which clans fought to control. To this day the idea of the 'masculine' male has little place in their society. Males and females are indiscernible from one another to outsiders, in fact it is often said that the males appear more aesthetically pleasing in the female aesthetic than the females. A hard fact to believe in a culture whose beauty is revered the world over. A males role in the nomadic society was mostly breeding, however males also cultivated talents in nursing, child care and taking care of the Cateddu; the large amphibian creatures used as steeds for the tribes.

    Like the males, the females of the tribe are regarded as some of the most beautiful beings on Antillia, this beauty however is in stark contrast to their furious and combative nature. Never was that so prevalent than during the 'Le Désespoir' a time when the very life blood of the tribes began to dwindle. 'Le Désespoir' is often times only used to refer to the sickness that was spreading through Gaule at the time, but the blue otters use the term to refer to the entire time in their history and all the negative impact that happened during that time. Considered to be a curse by the otters, it took an incredible toll on their culture. With the Sea of Malgven receding and the extinction of several fauna and flora there was an extreme panic in the tribes over a loss of resources. This natural disaster was intensified by the increasing  encroachment of their roaming area by the armies of the early Gaule Kingdom as it established its reach through out the area and with them, the mysterious sickness that was killing off many of the blue otters. Worst of all, the males seemed to be more susceptible to this sickness and began dying at alarmingly high rates. This marked an increasingly violent time in their history as bloody battles over remaining resources and land were common.

    During this time a child was born to the Undyne clan, a child who would change everything for her people. As the legend goes Morgen Undyne was born to the clan leaders sister, the fiercest warrior of the clan. The Undyne were seen as an inland clan due to their history of staying nearest to the southern coast and having closer contact with inlanders. The fact that the entire clan was named for and descendent from a male outsider placed a heavy stigma against them. However the Undyne proved time and again to be a powerful clan and one many dreaded facing in combat, Morgen would grow to continue this tradition. Morgen was a visionary and felt the only way for her people to survive would be for them to end their fighting amongst each other and cooperate, pooling their resources and opposing the encroaching armies of the inlanders. She felt the constant in fighting was dwindling their numbers faster than the sickness, loss of resources and inland threat combined. Despite this wish for peace she was ironically gifted with an unparalleled prowess for war. Unmatched as a warrior and strategist she was known through the tribes and the inlands alike as 'La Mort Rouge' or 'The Red Death', for her unnerving ability to get so soaked with the blood of her  enemies in battle that her fur  would be red. Her skill with the long dagger; the most common weapon of her people, was unmatched and she is credited to creating the first style of fighting which shares her unique nickname.

    It was when she was nineteen that fate took the beautiful young warriors hand. After wiping out an entire clan with her sisters in arms, she fled the aftermath to the sea, hoping to wash away the smell of death she walked with. While bathing herself and praying to her goddess for the souls of those she'd slain earlier, she noticed another bathing not far off. Morgen was capitivated by the beauty of this young otter and felt compelled to approach her. Still bloody and rank with the stench of battle, her approach startled the younger otter. She was Lucienne of the Cornouaille Clan. The young woman, daughter of the tribes leader was known to other tribes more for her diplomacy than her combat prowess. So as Morgen neared Lucienne was consumed with fear. In a state of terror, she tried to escape Morgen by swimming further out, but lacked the strength to out swim the powerful warrior or fight against the increasingly heavy tides.  It was not long before Lucienne was overcome by the tides and would have drown had she not been saved by Morgen. Lucienne fell in love with Morgen on this day and the two women's shared beliefs in sisterhood as well as a longing for peace and unity intensified their bond. Supporting this bond their two clans unified and began a campaign to unite many more, forcefully if necessary. This started the unification war an all out blitz to unify all of the clans.

    Despite having great success diplomatically and violently bringing many clans under the same banner. The increased threat of the inlanders and the constant battles was wearing heavily on the mind of Morgen. Looking for guidance she returned the sea to pray and swim, clearing her mind of her troubles and hoping for Levininan to provide her with answers. During this late night swim she encountered a cave underwater she'd never seen before. Despite the danger of not knowing where the cave led, she felt compelled to explore it. As she entered the deep chasm, a light in the distance beckoned to her. She swam for a great time, so long that it became obvious to her that she'd not enough breath to go back the way she came and she'd likely perish, drowning alone in the chasm. Undetered by the thought of death she continued on determined to discover the source of the light. Just as she lost both breath and strength she managed to reach the source. It was a weapon, a magnificent short sword, slightly longer than her dagger. The sheath was white as snow and embedded into it where the handle would meet the blade was a jewel. A blue crystal sphere; the source of the light.

    Unafraid of the dwindling seconds of her life, she reached out to touch the weapon and the light engulfed her. Panicked, she gasped losing what was left of her breath. As everything went dark and she accepted her end, she felt the soft touch of lips on hers. It felt as if this kiss breathed life and air back into her. Suddenly from out of the haze and darkness she saw a beautiful otter. The otter was more beautiful then any she'd seen before. Gorgeous with an unnerving perfection to her. Though she felt her kiss and saw her form clearly, she seemed unreal to Morgen. Her eyes glowed a soft blue and body was there, but wasn't at the same time. She had form, but she seemed to be no different than the sea around her. An otter made of water. The otters long kiss continued as the warrior began to understand what was happening. Her mind raced as knowledge began to rush into her. Instantly she was overwhelmed with images and feelings, emotions and memories. Experiences she had never experienced and a deep sense of things that was previously unknown to her. In instant she became all to aware of the truth. This was no mere otter, she had laid eyes upon the Crystal Goddess of the Waves, she was in the presences of Levinian.

    Accepting Levinian's gift, Morgen submitted to her will. Water flowed around her, through her, penetrating her, filling her very essence. The young warrior was touched by the goddess and the intensity was almost too much for her to bare. If she were on land she'd cry out loud. It was indescribable, almost sexual. She felt as if the goddess was pouring over her like liquid love, seeping into ever fiber of her being. The sensation became too much to bare before long and she began to pass out, gazing upon the beautiful goddess. As her vision left her she saw through the light and the water to her goddess true form, that of a beautiful and terrifying serpent, coiled around her staring at her with intense glowing eyes. Morgen awoke many hours later at daybreak, on the shore of Rennes. As she came too, she found herself gripping something in her right hand. Her glance fell down and she realize she held the curious blade in her hand. Standing she unsheathed the sword to find its blade was not steel or metal, but water. As she held it she was aware subconsciously of its power, the power of the waves, power of the goddess.

    She named the sword 'Curtana' and with it's power she set off to end the war. With the power of the 'Curtana' Morgen was unstoppable, able to wipe out any who opposed her. Those who witnessed her knew that her power was that of the goddess and most submitted fully without incident. She was seen to most clans as a messiah and most followed her without question, those who persisted to oppose her were easily crushed by her growing sisterhood. Soon all the clans were unified and it was time to address the now undeniable threat posed by the inlanders. Morgen however wished to find another solution, feeling that more war would ultimately ruin the clan. Again she sought guidance from Levinian, spending whole days swimming in the sea searching for the chasm which she found 'Curtana', a chasm that seemed to no longer exist.

    She searched day and night for days and on the fifth day, her search was finally rewarded, as she neared a point deep out in the sea. 'Curtana's glow returned. Suddenly as before she was engulfed by the presence of the goddess, this time appearing in her true form. Levinian constricted herself around Morgen, coiling closer, but not harming her. This time the goddess spoke, like a song withing her mind she asked of the otters desires. Unselfishly, Morgen said; 'I desire peace for my people and a place where they can be safe and flourish. Where we can protect this sea and all that's left from anything and everything that threatens it and our sisterhood.'. Levinian was pleased with this answer and her eyes again glowed. The glow was far more intense than before and her power was now so prevalent that it could be felt all through the sea. From the depths of the sea rose a beautiful kingdom of crystal and coral. It's design and it's architecture seemed to be from another world entirely. With this came plants and creatures of unknown origins everything rising from the cold black nothingness of the sea floor. After a while Levinian again spoke in song through Morgen's mind. She ordered the young warrior to protect her people and their new kingdom and all the creatures and  bounty that had come with it.

    No one knows who or why the kingdom was named Ahes, but Morgen herself did not become the head of the new matriarchy. Ahes' first Grand Maiden was given the title by Morgen however; 'Her Royal Highness Grand Maiden Lucienne Cornouaille' was crowned the very same day, with Morgen's brother Adol as royal consort, insuring a royal line of both Undyne and Cornouaille blood. Morgen continued her relationship with Lucienne as well as founded the 'Les Levinian de Colère'; 'The Wrath of Levinian' that serves as a sort of elite guard trained by her. This group would go on to become famous in history in it's many successful campaigns to defend Ahes against any and all encroachments. After a few incredibly disasters and unsuccessful campaigns to conquer Ahes by Gaule, Ahes was given special sovereignty with a treaty between them and the mainland making a way for the kingdom to use  their resources, fish, undersea plant life and its position as a valuable trade stop before Gaule  to become one of the most stable and self sustaining countries in the world. The name Morgen would never be used for another child of Ahes after 'La Mort Rouge' and instead became the title for the strongest warrior of the kingdom and supposedly the protectors of 'Curtana'. No one knows if the story of Morgen and Curtana are true, however present day Ahes is still a beautiful and fascinating please with a rich culture and history. 

The Legend of the Crystal Kingdom


9 November 2012 at 12:20:57 MST

From the Lore of Antillia and a part of my Thunder Rose story. This story revolves around one of the cultures of the planet Antillia and introduces you to the species of two my characters. Celeste and Marion Undyne. The cover artwork was drawn by the talented Cenit.

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