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A Dancer's Intrigue Page 1 by theblackrook

A Dancer's Intrigue Page 1


15 January 2014 at 15:53:55 MST

Here begins a Dancer's Intrigue. As many of you know, All the King's Men was started from a simple cosplay commission from Fire Emblem, which inspired me to do a comic with vandell as my prince. It received mixed reviews but we enjoyed the story and world we put them in and began to expand upon it. So to continue in that trend We've borrowed some of my favorite outfit designs from Fire Emblem and am telling a new tell within Lioncourt Kingdom; we hope you all enjoy it.

If you like to see comics like this more often please donate to; modezeroprojects[at]

I totally forgot to mention that Reese is the creative property of lanhao all praise be on to lanhao and forgive me my grievous offense of omission.
The Anela Twins are the property of the fabulously supportive and amazing gentlemanplayer gentlemanplayer

Riyo belongs to my long lost friend thumbclawz who'd given me permission to use the wakaleo twins in my works. He's not been around in a while, but he's an amazing artist and you check out what's up on his page. He was a better man than I.

black-kalak owns the lovely manned wolf Buri who was gracious enough to oblige when I need cameo's to fill the bar.

shonuff44 shonuff44 likewise allowed the cameo of his pig bartender Pandora and

jwt was kind enough to let me cameo his james. The red panda belongs to someone too, but I forgot his name though I got permission for the cameo.