Magic Lions [WIP] Opinions Needed by theblackrook

Magic Lions [WIP] Opinions Needed


2 February 2016 at 16:48:41 MST

So I was designing a new character for All the King's Men, seeing as how when I asked after female lions for the role of the mage in the group I got only crickets. I actually went through a few variations of each design before settling in on which one most fit the personality I wanted her to have, I was going to sell the others as adoptables, but after the heinous failure of my last attempt, coupled with the fact that they are not sparkle dogs and I refuse to add unnecessary markings to lions to make them more 'original', I decided instead to edit them to make them each their own individual characters. So this is the result so far.

I was hoping for a little feedback, nothing like a critique or anything. Just simply, I wanna know which one you like the best. Which one is your favorite and why. Do you think I should proceed with my plain to make Kimber a little more muscular, I've asked the likes of wyntersun for his take, and though he said I was on the right track, I still felt my musculature for her was completely off, so i got rid of it and am re-examining it. Let me know.


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    I like them all. But for specific things, I like the last one's face and colors, I like the third one's overall size, second one has fun hair and the first I.... just like small ladies, too |D (I love varying sizes, honestly <.< )

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    I think there should be more muscular ladies. Though the trope I've seen with drawn muscular ladies is huge tits, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.