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Beauty and the Beast by thebeesknees

Beauty and the Beast


27 February 2013 at 10:13:01 MST

My characters, Lomair and Amber, again :>

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    I miss these characters!! I know you are probably busy with commissions, but have you drawn / sketched anything new for Amber and Lomair. Or how is their project story coming along?

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      I miss them, too!
      The plans we had for the format and development of this story kind of fell through after the company we were working with was sold off, and so it's been put on the back burner for now while we've switched focus back to a project we had been working on (Nevers) before we had started working with the aforementioned company :>
      Once we figure get comfortable with independent digital story telling methods, which we have been exploring and experimenting on with Nevers, then we'll be returning to Wolves of Danu to present in via the format we think best works for it :D

      Lots of hop-scotching between different projects due to changing situations ' n'!! But we know for sure now that Nevers (which was always intended to be the initial flagship project of ours) will be the one that we will wet our feet with and see through first. Unless third parties want to help us develop that project in the way we best see fit, we won't let ourselves be distracted by them again haha!

      Never the less, Wolves of Danu remains hot on my mind :]!