80's by TheAvianLimits (critique requested)

80's (critique requested)


21 July 2016 at 06:46:11 MDT

Another thing I did a while ago. The setting for this story is in the 80's, but neither character is very fashionable so it was fun to throw on some clothes they wouldn't normally wear. Though I am starting to think Matthew would seriously consider wearing awful tracksuits...
I'm forever gonna love their height and body type difference

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    This makes me want to die. The outfits are TOO MUCH. But so perfect. 100% perfection.
    Please draw more of these two.

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      I LIVE!
      I had such a blast looking up references, this link left me in TEARS and I urge you to imagine your characters in any of it http://www.eatliver.com/crazy-70s-fashion/ (not that it's 80's, but it doesn't matter).
      THANK YOU FOR ENJOYING THESE. AND THE CHARACTERS. I should draw them a lot more, but the story is a mess and I end up being sad and unfocused and just wanna lay down on the floor until the world looks a little brighter, ha ha!

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        Oh my--!
        I CANNOT These are too INSANE what have you UNLEASHED. I know what I'm doodling in my free time now...
        And certainly IT'S NO PROB! I can relate to the mess of a story, though. It takes me years to get a story working right for me. And even then I STILL end up changing things if I, say, start the dang thing (...which is not good times with comics). IT'S A CURSE. UnU

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          It's great a story/ character and their interactions are constantly changing, it means you are evolving as a storyteller and your character's psychiatrist :'D But I totally understand the frustration about this change making it harder to make a consistent comic, or piece of writing. For this story, while I did have a lot of corner pieces from the start, there where a lot of things I just swept under the rug to "figure out later". So I brainstormed around, still postponing the things I NEED TO DECIDE BEFORE VENTURING TOO DEEP, and in the end I just realized things aren't adding up and I should just revamp the entire thing in my head. Which turns out to be far more complex than I thought.
          But, this is the kind of problem solving I enjoy doing!

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            Ahaha truth :'D Cause boy do things change. At least usually for the better (although perhaps not always for the characters but that's okay, torturing them is fun AHA)

            Sometimes pushing the ideas for later can be helpful at least, because you get better at developing later on after you sit on it. Maybe not for YEARS but ssssshhh Gotta let it stew sometimes for the best.... flavor?? I tried to metaphor. UnU

            I'm definitely curious about the characters. I know very little (and can't always remember the names) but I like seeing them and learning or inferring tiny bits when able. I know you hadn't drawn Matthew in a long time, I thought maybe you had cut him out!

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              In my experience, it never turns out for the better for the characters, hahaha! I often find myself thnking "It can't get worse then this," and I keep being wrong.
              Oh yeah, there definitely are good reasons to put small ideas or even an entire story on hold just so you can come back with fresh eyes and clearer vision of what you want for this story.
              That said, there was a lot of things I needed to reevaluate regarding Matthew so I just took a break from him. But he's definitely still there, he's the protagonist of the first arch after all, and a lot of things revolve around him.
              If anyone made sense out of my story or my characters based on my illustrations, I would give that person a medal, hahah!
              Hey, if you're ever up to just chit-chat around regarding OC (yours, mine, ANY AT ALL) I would love to, ahaha! I JUST LOVE CHARACTERS AND LOVE TALKING ABOUT THEM.

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                NOPE! I feel you 8D I think if you're NOT torturing characters you're doing something wrong. Sometimes characters need to cry and get their heart broken (...or go blind!) to better the story. And themselves. And us, I suppose, as creators.

                Ahh, I see! I'm glad to see he's not gone/never left. Zlatomir is my favorite, but I found you initially through a portrait you did of Matthew, so it's hard to not see one without the other! I suppose it's a good thing I can be interested in characters before even knowing their story. Or hell, even their personalities! The most important thing I know about Matt is his fabulous hair. And I mean, I think that's the key here amirite.

                Oh gosh, I literally can talk FOREVER about characters! Character development and brainworld building is my jam next to storywriting. My character Picard (the one we commissioned you for/my icon guy) stars in a story I'm just about to finish the first draft of and it's... so painfully long. 4+ years of writing and... 200,000+ words. XnX (ohhh the editing that will need to be done on that makes me cringe) So I can DEFINITELY talk about characters for awhile AHAHA