This ain't no Khajiit! by The-Argonian-Guy

This ain't no Khajiit!


6 August 2019 at 18:29:34 MDT

This is just a quick little doodle sketch! Say remember this drawing I made of that feline like alien chick? Guess what, he's a member of the same species! Of course he is not the same variant though, there are more! I based his visual design on the flash gordon lion men of mongo, of course he's not an actual lion man, he doesn't even have fur, he has bare skin like the other character of the same race concerning his races integument! Plus he still sports pointy elf like ears! I also gave him the same type of eyebrows as the Vulcans from star trek since his people are suppose to have the same or similar shaped eyebrows!

If you were curious about what the men might look like, well here you go, though again it is not of the same variation as the other one, as this one has a more feline-like facial structure than the last one. One thing you'll notice about the guy in contrast to the females is that they have long beautiful manes of hair, often resembling actual lions manes, like this one, or Sayain hair, complete with the obligatory impressive sideburns of course!
Females of his race normally like to keep their hair shorter than the males or even shave their heads bald, because their race perceives that as more feminine and lady-like thus more attractive, where as males with long and elaborate manes are perceived as more masculine and attarctive! Females of higher status also prefer to shave their heads bald. This is a little nod to lion sexual dimorphism if that wasn't obvious! Actually other species in the real world also have their sexual dimorphism set in a way where the males always have the flashier features and the females don't now that I think about it. ^^;
I will drop some more lore about his next time, just not now since this is only a bust, actually more accurately a mugshot sketch, portrait, inspired by style of historical paintings and artwork!

I imagine this character running around in a desert with a Sword and buckler, the type of sword he is using is none other than the Scimitar, and not a Katana thankfully! Of course since this was a mugshot sketch I could draw the whole sword, which based on historically accurate scimitars, and not the bullshit hollywood of fantasy ones, which I actually one a modern day replica of a historically accurate scimitar that is manufactured by ColdSteel, that I'll show next time so that you can have a full reference! I might full bodied version of this guy next time, and I might also ink and colour this eventually.

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