Kung fu titans by TheAlienHeart (critique requested)

Kung fu titans (critique requested)


24 March 2017 at 17:45:01 MDT

Has anyone else ever realized just how...similar this two character casts are? I mean seriously.

  • Beastboy = Voice of innocence, heart of the team, lazy, overall screwup, we all know he has great potential but people tend to forget because of his moronic/absentminded behavior, generally ignorant, gullible, sensitive/insensitive (depends on the occasion), fanboy, constantly beaten up self-esteem, gloats BIG time...when he has the chance and it only lasts until something or someone (most times even himself) pops his bubble, childlike, hyperactive, green eyed, no self-control/impatient, nosey, friends come first, adopted, scarred for life at a young age by death related events, suckish liar, ever present grin, makes corny jokes, ever carefree, etc. = Po

  • Raven = Voice of knowledge, reclusive, guarded, exotic eye color, parental issues, easily annoyed, downer, overly responsible, uses an emotional mask to hide her monophobia (fear of being alone), aphenphosmphobia (fear of intimacy), autophobia (fear of abandonment), and general state of being which makes her emotionally stunted, doesn't take failure quite well, always follows a routine, quite cultured, strongest in the team, socially awkward, gladly consumes stuff that is considered stale for anyone else, there's not an ounce of femininity in her (attitude wise, because we all know she is hot as heck), likes her privacy a little too much, says she hates kids yet she is the greatest surrogate mommy you can find, etc. = Tigress

  • Robin = Always feels pressured, obsessive-compulsive disorder, should be perceived as the weakest in the team but can pull his own weight, strategic mind, voice of reason, perfectionist, greatly insecure (though he doesn't show it very much), evasive fighting style, uptight, signature accessory, much stronger than he looks or should be, very responsible, etc. = Crane

  • Starfire = Voice of optimism, likes shopping, peppy attitude, ever present bright smile, openly sees the whole team as her family, comes from an influential family, requires the sun to keep living more so than others, hates to see people she cares about fighting, compassionate but fierce, motherly nature, wears her heart on her sleeve, etc. = Viper

  • Cyborg = Fun loving but serious when he needs to be, resourceful, loves his surrogate family much more than his biological one, family comes first, deeply defined by his mother's death, etc. = Monkey

  • Terra = Really important for the fandom, for the series...not so much, played the part of friend/backstabber/friend again, will aways be considered the team's recluse's love rival by the fans, etc. = Song

(I got lazy on the whole finding similarities thing by the end; if anyone wants to add anything, be my guest)

Interestingly enough, pairings match up.

  • Tigress x Po = Raven x Beastboy

  • Viper x Crane = Starfire x Robin

  • Song x Po = Terra x Beastboy

  • Viper x Po = Starfire x Beastboy

  • Tigress x Crane = Raven x Robin

  • Tigress vs Song x Po = Raven vs Terra x Beastboy