2017 Price Sheet - CLOSED by Thea

2017 Price Sheet - CLOSED


4 January 2017 at 02:16:52 MST

Speedpaints, PWYW Exercises, and Badges must be paid in full up front. With the exception of convention badges these commissions do not have a set turn around time as I work on them between illustration work. I will be taking at most 9 illustrations a month and work on them simultaneously.

Currently Closed at this time while I clear up some backlog. Join my email list for instant notifications: https://fs18.formsite.com/soulscape/form7/index.html?1493090135088

https://paypal.me/arkeay -[TIPS!] Any tips are super appreciated! It'll go into my arm therapy fund, so I don't break and have to quit art D:

Eaxmples of character detail for Illustrations:
-Minimal = low accessory character with 1-4 base colors [sample] [sample]
-Some Detail = Casual spots or stripes, complete outfit, 3-5 base colors, 1 mechanical prostheses [sample] [sample]
-Complex Details = Fully scaled dragons, intricate outfit, intricate markings, 5+ body colors, defined large muscles, mechanical prostheses [lower end] [middle] [high]

*Wings/extra limbs or tails are separately judged for cost depending on how many/how big/cropping/etc.
Basically the more small details you have on your character the longer it is going to take to render.

If you have a wide budget range it is very doable to make a deposit and I come up with various composition thumbnails with various price estimates. Sometimes the best image isn't always the most complicated.

Terms of Service: http://echoeslight.com/tos

What I love to paint:
-Intense emotion
-The human condition
-Glowing stuff
-Story scenes
-Feral/fantastical beasts

What I'm OK with:
-Nudity/pin ups
-Conveniently censored/artistic romance :P
-Soft Bondage

What I absolutely will not draw:
-Anything humiliating/overtly lewd
-Straight up pornography
-Any fetish I didn't list

Any other questions feel free to ask!

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