Spanking New Studio by Thea

Spanking New Studio


15 October 2015 at 01:21:39 MDT

Kind of a journal post, but what artist doesn't love juicy studio pictures so, despite it still being half-organized and unsettled, figured I'd show you what's been keeping me so busy over the summer.

Earlier this year I had purchased my first home and with it was the perfect 520 sq ft space that was to become what you see now. Unfortunately it was very unfinished, having to drywall window sills, paint, seal the concrete floor, clean, add blinds, a sink, and proper lighting over the course of 6 months between other DIY renovations in the house that are still incomplete. But at last I can check off one thing on my dream list.

I had acquired many art supplies from my late mother that have been in storage for 4 years, and had to do a lot of shuffling boxes around to be able to complete renos which added to the time consumption (you can see some of her work on the easel, and can visit to view more). Now that I have the space to harness the supplies there's no telling where I'll go after I finish wrapping up her legacy, but I am extremely happy to not live in the uncertainty of being a renter any more.

I just have Illuxcon to go to in exactly a week then that's it for conventions rest of the year. I'm super excited to see all the amazing talent and hope I can bring home some major ideas for Liquessence!

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    sooo jelly. it looks freaking AWESOME.

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      Thanks X3

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    It looks like you've got an awesome studio here. I bet lots of stuff will come out of it. Thanks for sharing the photo of it. Lots of ideas come to mind with it.