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Commission Sheet by ThatWickedSmile

Commission Sheet


10 July 2014 at 10:38:30 MDT

Now open.

I have five slots and its first come first serve.

PM/E-mail me if you're interested.

Thanks guys.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    once i get my new reference sheet up im definitely going to hit you up for one of these!

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    kinda expensive tho....

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      listen kid, you're really annoying the fuck out of my friend here.
      Plus your little thing of "kinda expensive tho" comment is just blatantly stupid. Artists NEED the money for IRL needs. Like bills for the house, car, food, etc...

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        im not annoying anyone your the annoying one here! get out!!!
        and be blocked!! ashole! and its expensive because i cant afford okay??

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      Not at all, in fact it's relatively low cost compared to the wider illustration and design industry. Average rates for illustrations of this calibre are often many times that (speaking as a professional graphic designer, my standard charge is hourly rather than per-piece), within the fandom things are kept artificially cheap thanks to a small audience and the "But it's expensive" argument based on alarmingly small reference pools.

      Remember, art takes time, especially good art, and the artist deserves fair compensation for taking time out of their life to do this for you. The prices above are very fair, and very skewed towards the commissioner. If they're too expensive for you, might I suggest saving up until you can afford them? Having to work towards something is always more rewarding than the "I must have it now" instant gratification thing.

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        still expensive tho......