New OC - Eastern Dragon! by ThatOneOverthinker

New OC - Eastern Dragon!


18 May 2019 at 18:56:23 MDT

Heeey here we go, the second new OC I had mentioned!

This time, actually being an Eastern Dragon. XD
For this bugger here, the premise/problem was the same with my Amphithere boy-- no adopts or anything like that, so I made my own! Got the overall design, then got a randomly generated color pallet for them. To my pleasant surprise, it was a whole lot of greens, yellow and orange!
One thing to note: This Eastern DOES have that classical big pearl thing! However, they wear it as a fashionable necklace~ (That shall appear in the NEW pic I make of them eventually, since I am growing to hate the pose I used for this one more and more. |D)

Now...The main problem for THIS one: I have no idea if they are male, or female. X'D
And obviously due to that, they have no name.

If any of you have suggestions for gender/names, do post in the Comments! I'd love the imput! X3

Toodles folks, thanks for checking my new bab out~ !

Character & Art (c) Me~

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