New OC - Amphithere Dragon! by ThatOneOverthinker

New OC - Amphithere Dragon!


15 May 2019 at 21:26:39 MDT

Heeey look new art!
And it also showcases a new OC~ !

I've been after some new Dragon OCs for a while after realizing I honestly barely had any...That is blasphemy simply because I love dragons, so I am in the attempts to fix that! That being said, I have decided on two for now: One that will be directly correlated/friends with Avalyn, and one that will still be in her Universe, but friends with a completely different character that literally never meets Avalyn. XD (At least, not canon, ever. I consider the other TWO characters as RP-only, so maybe she'll meet them eventually, I dunno. XD)
I am for some reason set on Eastern Dragons. XD I guess I wanted something other than the typical Western design!
The problem I ran into: Originally I wanted to ADOPT designs...Except all the ones I liked were no longer available. X'D And there were PLENTY.

Then I decided "hey let's look up other dragon types!" And found all kinds of cool ones! Like Amphitheres.
They are SUPER cool! (Basically, as you see: Long serpent-like body, still plenty of dragon-like features, but no back legs, and front legs are wings~)
...Couldn't find any available/good adopts of them, either.
My solution was: Literally just draw them myself and make it random as heck for maximum effect.

And so far, that has worked!
At least, for this boy. XD
His color pallet was COMPLETELY randomly generated, and I just ran with it...Unique colors, but I like them~ !
I have no name for him yet, but I like him.
...Whether he becomes Ava's friend, or the other character's friend, has yet to be seen.

...Now to just work on the Eastern. |D (I am still getting ONE of them, damn it!)

Toodles folks~ !

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