~ The Giant in the Clouds by ThatOneOverthinker

~ The Giant in the Clouds


2 May 2019 at 20:24:22 MDT

Heeey everybody, here's another "mutli-character" picture I finished in 2014!
In April, I believe. XD

This actually shows one of the "key points" to my personal story/Universe, which is a strange Species called "Sigils"
THIS one, is also a Colossus Sigil.
Sigils are giant, living creatures that breed and live in the "Multiverse Cloud" which is, in my Universe, basically just the void of space...But it's a giant never-ending cloud.
My Universe is very weird, fair warning. XD

The Sigils are light-based creatures, but despite that they ARE alive! They eat, breath, breed and can die!
Colossus Sigils are exceptionally large Sigils, either world size or larger, that also inhabit the Multiverse Cloud along with all the single planets, planetary clusters, island, etc. They are usually peaceful, and it's quite a sight for various people and planets when one appears near their cluster!

This one in particular is a GIANT Phoenix Sigil that Avalyn has wound up forming a sort of bond with.

The old Version of DA is VERY outdated and full of nonsensical crap that I had on Sigils BEFORE I solidified the way my Universe works-- and currently how it still works-- but if you wanna read through all that and see what Sigils USED to be then go ahead! The DA version is Right Here if you wanna check it out!

Still plenty more "old" pics to go before I'm caught up as much as I wanna be here, so stay tuned~ !

Toodles folks, and thanks for checking out my art~ !

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