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Rocket and Groot Poster 2 (Baby Groot) by ThatLizardGuy

Rocket and Groot Poster 2 (Baby Groot)


Ok well least I'm consistent with the Art once a week thing

I'm still promoting my Rocket and Groot comic series that's coming soon with Awesome Posters like this but for this Poster I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something new so with my tablet I put the paint brush option and created this amazing piece with Rocket and baby Groot Dancing

Update wise I have a ton of project and school never to deal with for October so there won't be a lot of posts at a time but there will still be art don't worry though after October specifically Halloween I will have less work and have finished a few main projects leaving me time to work on the Comic officially and post Pages plus the Issues covers

So till then stay cool kitties and don't be scared it's just the Halloween vibe coming in XD

Anyways If any of you Like this then Comment, Fave, or If you love my work that much Watch me

This will he on my other sites too