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Summertime! by ThatCatZoey



Woo finished version #3 of this! Since the total price was a little lower than anticipated, I was just gonna do a simple flat colored beach background, but I started getting a little tropical and had to stop myself X3

I hope you guys like it, and enjoy the other versions too! <:3



PaaWolf is (c) to Paawolf
Bella is (c) to Curtisrocks23
Luna is (c) to Jrock-11
Symphica is (c) to Dragonbooth
Mint is (c) to Iloveangel
Queen Winterhaze is (c) to Blitz-firepaws (Gift from -Arcanine)
Yuki is (c) to Yuki_frost
Gree is (c) to Grayfoxgree