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Species Reference Lolo by Thaddeusgrey

Species Reference Lolo


21 January 2014 at 16:55:40 MST

My first original species reference chart! These are lolos, a creature I created only a few days ago, but I'm already very fond of them. I'm going to be making another chart for colour variations on them, and possibly another to show their offspring.

Some information not included on the ref sheet:

The largest lolo ever bred domestically stood a little over 13 feet tall, more than twice the height of the average human man. The largest ever found in the wild stood at eight feet tall, the size of the average domestic draft lolo.

Lolos are officially domesticated, not just tamed. There are over a dozen different varieties of domestic lolo body types, two dozen colour morphs, not counting natural wild colour varieties, and some even have different head shapes, though the Lolo's genetics do not allow for too much variation in face before it starts to cause problems.

Lolo males and females typically have no major differences, though female lolos tend to keep some of the spots they have when they're cubs, and their colours are a few shades darker. Lolo horns don't grow much bigger than what is shown, though they do continuously grow very, very slowly and the lolo continually wears them down on trees and rocks. Lolos are the longest living animals in domestication in their world, and can grow to be fifty years old when they're well-kept. Very old lolos can have horns as large as two feet long.

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