I am the Queen by Tetrazen

Having just narrowly escaped the impending doom of the extraordinarily gigantic dragon whom had set it's eyes on both Piper and Taerys, Taerys was overcome with a sudden wave of intense emotion. Taerys' eyes began to tear up, gentle teardrops rolling down her smooth, immaculate skin.

"I feel like so many of my sisters, and my brethren have been here in the past. The heartbeat that pulses through me is resonating with the energy of the lifeforms here"

Tyri, Taerys' faithful wyvern companion and dearest old friend pressed his muzzle up against Taerys' side, purring and murmuring to comfort his old friend, tears began to roll from his eyes as well. "Uwao uuuo..." Tyri attempted to put words together, he was never too good at speaking with a voice, usually communicating telepathically or empathically.

"...come to me..." a hushed voice echoed throughout the keep.

Taerys looked around, "Hello? is there anyone else here with me?" she said, still unsure of if she had heard something or not. Cautiously regaining her composure, Taerys wiped the tears from her face, which was now shimmering softly in the light.

A flutter of butterflies descended from the sky above Taerys. A powerful aura was emanating from within the flutter.

"...come to me..." the hushed voice whispered once more, echoing throughout the keep.

The butterflies flit around in a circular motion before fluttering ahead, as if beckoning Taerys to follow them.

Taerys was quite intuitive and a natural empath, the warmth of the desires that were pouring over her body and the emotional history of such a beautiful place was enough to compel her to follow the butterflies. Tyri looked upwards at the butterflies and tilted his head to the side, murmuring slightly out of curiosity.

The butterflies led Taerys to a stone court which was overlooking the entire location.

"Wow...the view is absolutely magnificent here!" she said as she gracefully walked to the edge of the court and became entranced by the location's mystical aura.

"...Solaris..." said the hushed voice which had become clearly audible.

Taerys looked around "Who's there? What is this place?" she said as she spun around in an attempt to find the source of the voice.

"...Solaris..." said the hushed voice once more as the flutter of butterflies soon began to flit above Taerys' head.

The butterflies began to organize themselves into the shape of a living crown. As the last butterfly flit into it's place on the crown, an arcane circle that glowed with an azure hue instantly bloomed into life under Taerys and Tyri.

A beam of light shot down from the heavens and into the crown, Taerys' eyes suddenly rolled into the back of her head. Her consciousness was transported into a world of dreams.

"This place, this magnificent home you have been led to is called Solaris. Many of our kind have lived here, so too have they died here. The souls of the last thousand generations have seen into your heart, and deem you worthy to take the helm of Solaris and lead us into a future brighter than the flames of the Mother Sun herself. Lead your people with the compassion you show for all life, and do not hesitate to extinguish that which would harm the light. Take your place as Queen, take your place in history, Taerys Tsulythimyr. " the voice boomed with the echoes of thousands of passionate Elves of eras long since forgotten.

The beam soon dissipated, Taerys' consciousness returning to her body as her eyes return to normal. She threw her arms up towards the sun as if to take it in her hands.

"I. Am. The Queen."

I am the Queen


18 October 2013 at 15:02:00 MDT

A fantasy excerpt featuring an elven character of mine.

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