[Croft] Vac to the FUTURE: The Pickup by teryxc

[Croft] Vac to the FUTURE: The Pickup


21 October 2018 at 07:41:23 MDT

"You don't have to do this! You can fight it!" He was heaved over the great dragon's shoulder, bouncing while he struggled to break free from the impossibly strong and stretchy rubbery bonds of his cocoon. Most of his entire canine body was covered in the obscuring dark glossy material, but his mouth and eyes were free. He twisted and stretched, bending his body and arching it as much as possible to see the face of the drone that carried him. What he saw was a wicked smile.

"I don't have to do this?" A glowing red slit stared back at the cocooned canine. "I want to do this." The drone shook his shoulder again, bouncing the canine cocoon. "This tight rubber molded across my frame tells me that I want this. I want to take you so that you can either be packed away for shipment, or be made into one of us. It's honestly not a decision I care about, I just want to be a good tool and be used for my purpose."

"One of you?! Hnn, grr now listen here! You're not some puppet! You can fight it! Break fr-MMMPH!" The slick cocoon flowed down across the dog's bouncing maw and sealed it shut.

"I am a tool to be used." The dragon's many red slits in his drone suit glowed in a subtle and quick flash. "Mmmm, and I am about to be used again. It looks like I'll be taking you with me to pick up a cat across town."

Don't mind me, just collecting guests for the Halloween party...a little early.

Description by Croft
Commissioned from Croft
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