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[Kinniro] Anthro Storm Dragon Reference by teryxc

[Kinniro] Anthro Storm Dragon Reference


29 April 2017 at 19:14:13 MDT

Rain dragons, for as long as anyone can remember, these calm and noble creatures have been tasked with protecting and maintaining the delicate balance of the weather patterns that exist in the environments which they call home. There is however, a darker side to these majestic creatures, for the power they wield is not without consequences and they are taught from a young age to resist the temptations of indulging too deep, to push away and suppress the urges of using their powers to seem like gods that are fit to be worshiped and instead remain humble.....

But those who preach such nonsense are fools. We dragons have been tasked with maintaining order with no reward or even the smallest of acknowledgement, no, it is time that I unlock my true potential, I will show the others the error of their ways, I will show the Elders how wrong they were to try and deny me what is rightfully mine. I have seen what I can achieve, I have tasted the power that dwells within me and now, thanks to my evolution, I shall be deemed a god amongst rain dragons as even the calmest of days are soon vested upon by storms. They would be wise to fear me and even wiser to worship me as I am now beyond anything they can comprehend, I wield the powers of the storm, I have become, a storm dragon.

Commissioned from Kinniro

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