[IguanaMouth] Hoard of Herbs and Spices by teryxc

[IguanaMouth] Hoard of Herbs and Spices


24 June 2016 at 18:00:52 MDT

As a dragon, I'd:
1. Strap a camera to my head and livestream wicked loop-de-loops
2. Burn down my enemies
3. Collect herbs and spices from all over the world
4. (...you know it is.)

Commissioned from IguanaMouth, Gallery Link: http://lizardshuffle.tumblr.com/post/142705776074/iguanamouth-unusual-hoard-commission-for-terry

Get a print, support the artist! http://iguanamouth.storenvy.com/collections/799275-dragon-hoards/products/17419250-hoard-of-herbs-and-spices


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    Knew dragons are known for hoarding, but not hoarding herbs!

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      You're right, I do eat through all that stuff within the month!

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        What if you sneeze?

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          Dragons don't sneeze D;