Steampunk Dodo by Teridodo

Steampunk Dodo


19 May 2013 at 21:25:49 MDT

I tried my hand at steampunk o3o

I failed.

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    It doesn't have the Victorian Retro-future aesthetic that's been done to death for steampunk, but it does take on a more unique 80s Grunge look to it. Probably not what you wanted to hear; but its more original.

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      Actually, no o3o It's not what i expected to hear, but it's far more interesting to hear THAT, rather than the usual - so thank you! ^^ I didn't actually go for the retro-future look when i started this. I went for a more clockwork-like style <3

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        You may have to thank someone in my art class for my preference of more fleshed out comments, There's someone who uses the stock phrase regardless of the image; "You have Good Colours." But yeah, I love the Dodo, it's warm hues that give it the artificial life of power does give it a more stern, or sinister outlook.

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          I'll thank them now then >:D Comments that have actually had time put into them are a lot more helpful, not even mentioning the fact that it's a nice feeling when you realise that somebody has bothered to spend their time on it because of your work. Thank you! I tried <3