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Hey y'all,

I'm Tenmashi, you can call me Ten for short or Elise if you rather use real names. I'm a random female-ish person from the Netherlands and live together with my boyfriend who's not a furry. Only recently I rolled into the furry community for real, I was sorta in the fandom for a while but not active in the community. Anyway, I now do the website for FurryWeekend Holland ( which is awesome. :D

I have one main fursona which also goes by the name Tenmashi, she's a corgi/white shep mix. My angry angsty "alter ego" is Phoenyx the Doberfox, which happens to also be the name of my former main character in World of Warcraft (which I currently I don't actively play). Last but not least is Themis the wolf, she kinda stands for everything I wish I could be. I know, cliche. Sue me. :) I have some other characters I want to draw a bit more, they'll be up here as well.

I also have a fursuit, a lime and white Shiba Inu/husky named Toxi. There's some pics of her in my gallery. :) I also have a public Twitter account for her (fursuit account): @ToxiFursuit

I love animals and currently studying to become a vet's assistant and animal tech. I grew up with cats, had several rodents for a while, and since I moved out I am the proud owner of a bunch of fancy rats. :D I absolutely love them, they're great pets and I'm planning to breed them responsibly and ethically under the name Rattery Castor (

Think I've told just about everything now. Oh, I also have accounts on other art websites but I mainly use those to watch artists I like. I only upload recent art and comment on submissions here. :) By the way I LOVE comments, so please leave a few? ^.^


Ten Mashi
Ten Mashi

Latest Journal

EF20 meme

Copied from Chiropica Chiropica

Where are you staying?
Estrel Hotel Berlin

Means of transportation?
Rideshare with Masada Masada and Coppersaurus Coppersaurus

Sharing a room with:
Fuzzerfox Fuzzerfox

What is your gender?
Genderfluid, female pronouns are fine

Relationship Status:
In a relationship

How old are you?

How tall are you?
About 156cm, very tiny. ;3

Which languages do you speak?
Dutch and English, understand some basic German.

Where will you be most of the time during the day?
Hanging with the squad and other friends, eating XD, at panels, in fursuit/fursuit lounge, relaxing in the bathtub (#BATHCON FOREVER), artist lounge.

Who will you be with?

Do you do free art?
Possibly. :)

Do you do trades?
Sure. :)

Do you do commissions?
I'll accept tips for art!

Do you have prints/ CDs?

What suit(s) will you have?
Toxi the lime green Shiba Inu/Husky!

Can I dance with you?
If you can find me dancing, sure. :p

Can I touch you?
Not if I don't know you well. Big personal bubble unless we're friends.

Can I talk to you?
Absolutely! Though I can be shy I love having convo's with people!

Can I hug you?
Please ask and be prepared to be declined if I don't know you. Sorry, personal bubble again.

Can I take photos of you/with you?

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
At your own risk. x)

Do you drink Alcohol/Smoke?
I rarely drink alcohol, but this is a special occasion so maybe. :)

Can I give you lots of money?

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
If you have to ask then probably no.

Can we hang out?
Sure! I want to hang with my own friends too though so sorry if I run off with them, I don't get to spend time with them as much as I'd like.

Are you nice?
I sure hope so. Unless you're an ass, then I'll return the favour. ;p

Other cons you may go to?
Furry Weekend Holland 2016!

Attending any events?
The International Food Exchange! I love food! Feed me! Planning to bring something myself as well. :)

How can I find you at the con?
Tiny with spiky bright hair. x)

Can we go out for a dinner?
I'm probably going with friends!

Are you buying art?
Not planning too, funds are low at the moment, but who knows.

What do I have to watch out for, when I am meeting you?
I'm a mix of shy and weird and sometimes a spazz.

What is the best way to contact you?
Twitter probably (@Tenmashi or @ToxiFursuit)

May I kidnap you to my room?
Only certain possums and wolfoxes.

You look pretty tired, are you ok?
hides in room BATHCON TIME
I need time to recharge sometimes. :) Please just allow me to return back to me room or don't ask too much of me when I'm like that.

Last time/last con/last meet/last chat we talked so much and now you forgot my name? Why???
Not only am I very bad with names but I'm almost as bad with faces, sorry!

Will you tell me your room number and can I surprise visit you?
I will probably share my room number but please no surprise visits, just ask if you want to drop by.

I have a personal question for the convention. May I ask you that?
If the timing/mood is right I am sometimes ok with sharing personal stuff, sometimes maybe oversharing. 'xD Buuuut not always!

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    stalk stalk :P

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    Thank you a lot for the watch ^^

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    dragonugs you tighlty, protecting you

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    Ah tof dat je hier ook bent :D

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      :D Ik ben overallll... bijna overal dan. ^_^

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        Wewie! X)

        BEdankt nog is voor de rattenspullen! Laat maar is weten als jullie nog is iets leuk hebben ;) (of maken! ben zeker een hangmatjes verzamelaar :P)