[BCfurries] - December Banner by Temrin

[BCfurries] - December Banner


8 December 2012 at 12:37:55 MST


Whitefoot as The Sandman

apoxon as Jack Frost

unition as The Easter Bunny

Lemony as The Tooth Fairy

Fever.low As "North" (Santa Claus)

My wrist is killing me after doing all the small details in this. hnnng. such a small pic.

Thank you all of you who offered up their characters for me to use for this! :D

Glad to finally do some RotG fanart. (cant draw humans for the like of me. i've been trying. and i cant do real fanart of jack D: T___T )

Art © Temrin

Characters © their Owners (all on FA)

Rise of the Guardians © Dreamworks


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    This looks awesome... but...*stare*o.o that fox's eyes are...so close together...

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      Lol yeah, i had a bit of a messup on the fox. Glad you like it though : )