[MLP][BronyCan] - Originals For Sale by Temrin

[MLP][BronyCan] - Originals For Sale


27 August 2013 at 14:10:57 MDT

LYRA: Available


CHRYSALIS: Available

DERPY: Available

Some originals from BronyCan that will be up for grabs shortly!

I've not decided how i want to go about putting them up for sale. If i want to just list them on my galleries for sale or if i want to go through Ebay, etc.

If you have an offer feel free to note me. (Please keep in mind these are originals and are one of a kind pieces of artwork. They are roughly 8.5x5.5 inches give or take.)

The first two that sell will come with matte-board frames (If you want.)

Art © :iconTemrin:

MLP G4 © Hasbro/Lauren Faust