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Marketing for Virtual vs In Person Events || VF2023 by Temrin

Marketing for Virtual vs In Person Events || VF2023


Got questions? Ask them in the comments of the video itself! Not here.

Bonus Q&A Video from CozyCon Online coming soon!

This is not the be-all-end-all of input or experience that may have weight on this topic and should not be viewed as such. It is also not 100% extensive! So please keep this in mind while viewing. Questions are welcome in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them, and possibly even make updated content in the future with these questions. (Everyone's experience will be different depending on your audience, their expectations, and a lot more factors, but this should give you some starting points to delve into it and try to improve the experience.)

This panel primarily focuses on VENDORS/Artists but does touch on panelists, DJs, and tips for event staff as well. It was initially held live, at VancouFur 2023 as part of my contributions as the Community Spotlight. This is a re-recording of it using the same slides presented at the event. Unfortunately, I did not have good notes of the questions asked in person so if you see something you asked missing, as in the comments and I'll re-answer!