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CSZ 11 Evo Drive Stage 2 by Temrin

CSZ 11 Evo Drive Stage 2


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Issue 11: Tabletop Adventures - Evolution Drive Stage 2

It's character creation time! Join us and help us decide which class Zinnie will be! All donors will get high res artwork at the end of the drive of the redesigned Zinnie. First votes from our Patrons!

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    I'm surprised at the classes that are in the lead.........both more defensive categories. chuckle

    • Link

      Me too! Healer won in the end, and our artist has chosen Druid, from the more specific healer classes :3

      • Link

        I suppose it's the type everyone wants on a team, but nobody wants to be that job class when they all sit down at the table together. XD

        And, I suppose, it might make for cool outfit designs on the theme. :)

        • Link

          Hahahaha, probably true~ Being support can suck if your team is chaotic or out of sync.

          It's true! It could be some pretty neat outfits :3

          • Link

            I admit--I prefer more action-oriented characters myself (my old D&D character is a Dragonborn fighter). But if I had to a healer, I'd probably go straight classic cleric healer and not one of the offshoots. XD

            Yeah! :D

            • Link

              Honestly I don't know enough about D&D to really choose, though in online games I've played I've been a little bit of everything. DPS, Tank, and I made a pretty good healer if I do say so myself. Guild raids I was usually a healer because no one else wanted to X'D

              • Link

                Yeah—I think people like to go “Hulk smash!” more than stand back and wave a wand……even in playing RPGs! XD

                • Link

                  Hahaha it's very true X'D