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Canvas Swap Zine Issue 8 by Temrin

Canvas Swap Zine Issue 8


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Issue 8 is out, for those that may have missed it!

PDF | 20 Pages | Alien Worlds
BONUS: Phone backgrounds & Fundraiser artwork
Cover Artist: Temrin
Collab Artists: Abluecorridor | Mau Acheron | Breadavota

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Some epic rabbits


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    Wow—looks like you got great stuff going on in this one! :D

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      Thank you! It was a really fun issue, especially with the big evolution drive for the mascot. Created such a neat character variant. :3 We also had the first submitted character drawn this issue as well, which was really cool of one of the artists to do. :3

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        Congrats on all that! :D

        You're very welcome! :)