2009vs2019 Art Improvement by Temrin

2009vs2019 Art Improvement


16 December 2019 at 19:02:20 MST


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2009 vs 2019 in terms of art, i've come a long way! It's always neat to look back and see how much i've improved. :)

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    Your 2009 stuff is still pretty amazing, though! :D

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      Thanks! I'm still pretty okay with the 2009 piece for the time and experience i had back then. It's cool to see how far i've come :3

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        You're most welcome! :D

        Definitely true! I think you evolved a lot on your backgrounds since I've been following you--backgrounds are an underappreciated skill in this furry art community for the most part! :D

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          Thank you! They are so hard XD AAAAAAH.

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            You’re very welcome! :D

            It’s easy to do a floating character (guilty! XD), but taking the time and effort for a setting is under appreciated for sure. I tried hard to do backgrounds for my “big project” pieces this year—so hard! XD

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              Omg yeah. Making them look like they -fit- into the background is such a challenge. Big oof!

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                Definitely true! In today’s digital world, I’ve learned how some people take a “stock photo” background and lay characters on it—even if their art style mimics the image they’re using, you can usually tell the difference between a real drawn background or enhanced image. (It took me awhile to figure that part out, but I know how to do it—so I know how it’s done!)

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                  Yeah and as long as the licensing on the photo allows it, that's valid. I like taking my own images and using them as reference though i've also seen some folks create some basic 3D backgrounds and paint over them for finer details. I'd like to do that some time. Especially for locations i'd like to re-use. :3

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                    Yep. I know Clip has a lot of tools for that—the 3-D modeling and all. No clue how to use any of it, like the animation, but I know it’s there! XD

                    Interestingly enough the Bandai FiguARTs pose figures I got a couple years ago also shows you how to pose them, take photos and draw over the figures in their poses, but I think they demo with Photoshop. It sounds almost akin to motion capture that they use for a lot of CGI in films. :)

                    I’d say if you have good locations where you live (and weather allows), go out and take some of your own photos to use and experiment with painting over them! Or, heck, even take pictures of your room and do it! XD

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                      The perspective and 3D stuff in Clip is a little finicky but -very- handy. I used it for a big YCH piece i'm working on for my patrons. There's really good tutorials on how to use it on Clip's site if you ever need it (and countless youtube walk throughs too.)

                      If you take a photo of the figure, you can import it into any art program and use that. I definitely have done that with figures and with friends posing for me. (Or myself, especially if i need a hand reference lol.)

                      Oh yeah, taking your own photo's are invaluable as they are yours and you don't have to worry about licenses or rights using someone elses photo's, generally speaking. (There are some exceptions of course but yeah.)

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                        I know tons of people are using Clip now, that never used to. So, I guess after its graduation from "Manga Studio", the program's come a very long way that artists are now using it over Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. XD My only sadness is since I'm mostly offline--a lot of the backgrounds they have now, you can ONLY use if connected online (has the little cloud and arrow near it). Some of my favorites are there! cries I tend to use them as backgrounds for making sticker-sheets anymore, rather than mere white backgrounds for sticker sheets........though they also have a ton more new ones that I didn't have in Manga Studio--so, good and bad. chuckle

                        Technology has come a long way for us, that's for sure! :)