CSZ Issue 6 Colour Teaser #1 by Temrin

CSZ Issue 6 Colour Teaser #1


27 October 2019 at 12:16:41 MDT

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Down to the final week-ish before the PDF goes live in our store! So it's time for final image teasers~

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Sketched by Zelaphas
Inked by Callosyx
Coloured by Mic S

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Featuring cover artist Diana Glebowicz
and collab artists GummyRush, Min T., Aquadne
With two bonus pieces!

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    That is very pretty! I love their lines and colors! :)

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      It's so cool to see how different artists' lines and colours come together~ Aaah!

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        As someone who used to ink friends' artwork........it's very interesting to see how one person can make another's art look different. One of my friend's always used very thin lines and I tend to use thick "animation" lines with brush-influence........she said it was better to color/screentone her work when inked by me, because the lines were so solid. I think that's why the "inker" in the comic book industry gets underestimated on how much influence they actually have on a final product. The old "you're just a tracer" joke from a Kevin Smith movie. You might be tracing it, but your own style changes the look of linework of the artist--if three inkers tried to do one artist's piece of art, I can guarantee each version would be different! XD

        So, collaborative pieces are always fun to see--to see how artists can influence each other in one single piece of art. :)

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          Oh yeah, there are soooo many different ways to ink, let alone each individuals style on top of that. Seeing how the pieces progress is probably one of my favourite parts of running CSZ. :3

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            Definitely true! :)