PTR - February Freebies by Temrin

PTR - February Freebies


28 February 2019 at 12:47:23 MST


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Some freebie art for my amazing patrons~ (And a Temrin because yes.)
Every now and then i offer up some extra art for my patrons because they are incredably awesome and this time i got inspired to go all animal crossing ish on them. This is close to the old school chibi's i did almost a decade ago so it was nice to revisit that style. :3 

Art © temrin
Characters belong to my patrons
The-last-dragon-kni, Goldeneric, Artica, Wigran,
Captainbozo wanted to get a pic for their friend Raxmei, A Temrin, Omniotter Skyican


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    Those are super adorable! (And Animal Crossing is awesome..............I still play my "New Leaf" game every day for at least 20 minutes before bed! XD)

    • Link

      I'm glad you like them~ :3 I never ended up getting New Leaf. Wanted it but couldn't afford to get a newer DS for it and the game. So i've got Pocket Camp on my phone ^_^

      • Link

        I don't play many cellphone games sooooooooooooo............I'm glad I have a 3DS! :)

        You're welcome! :)

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          It's 1 of 2 phone games i have lol. I don't like having phone games if i can help it but its animal crossing so i was like FINE. GIMME. XD

          • Link

            I only have puzzle games! For my cheap and years old iPhone! XD

            I’m curious about the upcoming Switch AC though. I’ll probably get it! XD

            • Link

              Ooo yeah :3 Should be interesting!

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                Yeah! I want more ability to design clothes! :D

                • Link

                  Ooo yesssss

                  • Link

                    And easier ways to fill out that darn art gallery in the museum—or let you sue Redd for selling you fakes! XD

                    I’m still missing 2 paintings and 2 statues after over five years of consistent playing.....! XD

                    • Link

                      Oh man XD Nothing like that in Pocket camp haha

                      • Link

                        Easily the most frustrating thing to complete in “New Leaf”! XD