PTR Commission - Feng & Tilark by Temrin

PTR Commission - Feng & Tilark


25 September 2018 at 17:43:52 MDT


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Commission for captainbozo of limni's D&D Characters, Feng and Tilark. My first time drawing a half orc (or any orc really) and i don't often draw feral critters since i don't have a lto of practice under my belt with their anatomy BUT i'm pretty happy with how it came out and both Bozo and Limni are wonderful clients. :3 

They got this commission through Patreon
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Art © temrin


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    That's pretty cool--a wolf with armour! :D

    Nice work on this! :D I have a Dragonborn character (that I virtually never get to use anyways--but I'm still proud of designing her and giving her a background and all)--I think it's really kind of cool that D&D has expanded so much that now you can play as character types which were formerly only regulated to the "enemy" status of the game. :)

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      Hehe they were quite fun to draw. Armour is definitely not a strong suite of mine so that was challenging.

      I've never played D&D myself though i've watched and listened to people playing. I enjoy observing more than participating. Very cool to see how people play their characters :3

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        It can be lots of fun, especially if you're with friends and it's a "more relaxed" campaign (not strict to the rules and all)--just like a combination board game and chat night. :)

        Armour is difficult for me, too..............because if I could--you'd see mostly giant robots filling my gallery, that's for sure! XD

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          I think i'm mostly just not confident in my decisions and would get overwhelmed too easily, even with friends. I'm more of the silent person in a group haha so it's not within my comfort zone. I'd rather write a story than talk through one. But who knows. One day maybe!

          RIGHT?! So tough and so time consuming to do. XD

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            Maybe one day you'll find the right group of friends to do an RPG campaign with! :)

            It so very much is. Everyone should have spandex the Power Rangers. XD

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              It's possible! ^_^

              Nyehehehe that would be amusing :3

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                Never underestimate the spandex armour! XD