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❗ Canvas Swap Collab - Demon Warrior (SALE!) by Temrin

❗ Canvas Swap Collab - Demon Warrior (SALE!)


3 May 2018 at 11:21:09 MDT

Get this piece on Redbubble & Teepublic

Get Issue 1's PDF on and stay tuned for physical issue sales! (I will be selling zine copies at :iconfur-eh:!)

Sketched by and characters belong to :Memokkeen ( Check out her interview! )
Inked by icebanshee
Coloured by Temrin

Canvas Swap is a collaborative zine project where 3 artists create 3 different pieces together. It's a lot of fun and I'm very happy to have worked on the first issue with Nanz and Mims. <3

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    This piece kind of gives me fond memories of Wendy Pini’s (ElfQuest) art—it’s very gorgeous! :)

    The three of you did awesome work on it! :D

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      Thank you so much!

      I've not actually seen ElfQuest before. I've heard a few people talk about it though. I should look into it XD

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        You’re most welcome! :D

        I’ve been very lucky to find one of her art books that was more than ElfQuest......she’s a digital artist now, but I honestly prefer her traditional works. :)

        Even if all you do is read the original 8 volumes and ignore all the post-1990’s stuff (when they let other artists work in their universe)’s definitely worth it to give early ElfQuest a read! :D

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          Sweet! I'll get it on my list ^_^