Splotchy Lemur (SALE!) by Temrin

Splotchy Lemur (SALE!)


5 February 2018 at 11:41:27 MST

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Art © Temrin @ WildElementStudios.com


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    Ooooooh, there are shiny bits! :o

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      Yis! I used some gold acrylic on the original. They don't translate super well to the printable versions though you can see the colour shift, it's just not sparkly :)

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        That's understandable............knowing how modern printing goes nowadays, sparkly gets pretty darkened in color. :)

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          It's true, and it is isn't actual sparkle either. Though, if i got prints i could add some sparkle by hand but it'd be more expensive to do that outside of maybe conventions or something

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            Definitely true. Gold leaf and sparkle is best left on personal art or commissions with a physical traditional result. :)