See you at VancouFur 2017 + Meme by Temrin

See you at VancouFur 2017 + Meme


10 February 2017 at 11:01:50 MST

VancouFur 2017 Meme

How do you want to be addressed?


Old enough

What do you look like?
What is this a dating site? Lol.

Relationship Status
(^ srsly these questions lol.)
Closed/Taken by the loveliest leem, Elias

Where are you staying?
Main hotel!

When will you be arriving and leaving?
Not 100% sure yet. Probably be there early and stay late.

Means of transportation
Vroom Vroom

Who will you be rooming with?
Elias, tyinsdarkwulf and lomarcan

Where/how can I find you?
Spending most of my time in the Dealers Den, Table #5.

If I approach you, will you chat with me?
Usually! Just be prepared that I’m a vendor AND a staffer. I have stuff to do almost full time so I might say hi, chat a little then have to run off. Pleaaase for the love of all things good don't get mad that i might have things to do.

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Call my name or something

Can I hug/snuggle/take a picture with you?
Ask first please.

Can I buy you drinks?
Close friend’s only thanks.

Can I look in your sketchbook?
Ask and show me 2 pieces of ID, because it’s not going to be SFW.

Will you be drinking and/or getting drunk?
Potentially. Depends on work load.

Do you do free art?

Do you do commissions?
Yes! Dealers Den table #5! At con and take home orders available!

Do you do trades?

Do you have a table in the Dealers Den/Artist
Yes! Dealers Den table #5! At con and take home orders available!

Are you running any panels?
Drawing Games AND Artist Meet & Greet

How many furry cons have you attended?
RFx6 / VF x6 this con / FCx1 / BLFCx1 / Fur-ehx1 this year

Do you own a fursuit?
One day

Do you plan to volunteer?
Staffing forever doing all the things.
Hoping we break some VF records this year! (More attendees, bigger donation to the charity, etc.)

What's your goal for the con this year?
To not die. #DontDie
To see friends I haven’t seen in over a year.