Nordguard: Tribes of the White Lands - Iyoto Preview by Tempo

Nordguard: Tribes of the White Lands - Iyoto Preview


28 June 2015 at 21:56:50 MDT

One of the cool things we got to add to the game with this expansion was Iyoto. Eagle-eyed players may have noticed we had a few references to the native tribes. These were hidden in the original game to provide a basis for Iyoto in a later release—and that time is now! :D

Nordguard: Tribes of the White Land contains 36 cards (including 2 new canon Nordguard characters, mentioned in Book 1). It will be available at Anthrocon 2015 for $12 at the Sofawolf Press table, along with a new edition of the core set. The design team will be on-paw to sign copies.

To make sure we got the cultural stuff right, we brought in a professional archaeologist to help us with everything from dwellings to clothing to tools and weapons. (Check out that sweet scrimshaw carving on the spear!)

The tribes are named after the real-life Inuit language terms for those animals:
Tukluk - Caribou
Tikaani - Arctic wolf
Nituuyik - Canadian lynx (Developed for this set!)

Gear up for a whole new adventure! Teagan Gavet, Tess Garman, John O’Brien Schroeder, and the entire original development team return to bring you this exciting expansion. This set introduces Iyoto and Manny, two new playable characters straight from the Nordguard graphic novels. It also includes new starting items for every team member as well as new challenges to bring your game into uncharted territory.

Featuring exclusive new art from   Chromamancer &   Blotch!

$12 @ Anthrocon 2015 Sofawolf Press booth or thereafter.

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