Cheshire - young justice Cosplay by Temperance

Cheshire - young justice Cosplay


11 July 2013 at 17:50:58 MDT

Sometimes I make non-furry things.... Cheshire is not really furry... except maybe her name....

Cheshire is a Villain from the DC comic Young Justice (sort of a Young Justice league.... not to be confused withe the Teen Titans who are also a sort of Young justice league O_O).

This is the Cartoon version of Cheshire: Creepy grinning mask and no pants, because bad girls don't have time for pants.

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    well damn this is awesome. Cheshire is one of my fav characters in young justice. But she was also in the teen titan series and I believe has her own comic line.

    very well done.

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      Yes, she sure gets around ^_^

      Her costume is different for the comics and Teen titans though... that the trouble, too many to choose from!

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    Oh my gosh! This is a great cosplay! (I've been looking around to cosplay Chesh) May I ask how you did the mask or where you got it from?

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      I sculpted it with an epoxy clay than Vacuum formed a final copy. I'm actually looking to sell the mask if you are interested.... ¬_¬

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        Oh my gosh I'm very interested! How much we're you looking to sell it for?

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          I sent you a private note.