What Am I Doing.. by Temari-Brynn

What Am I Doing..


14 November 2014 at 17:28:25 MST

Sometimes, I wonder if college is the right thing.. I'm terrified of the future.
I'm terrified to move... I'm just scared..

What am I doing... Is it worth it?

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    Going to college was the scariest thing I ever did... I look back now and it's all silly. Nothing I was worried about happened. If I have a regret it's maybe I didn't choose the right degree/path through life. I now think guidance councillors have it wrong... the "subculture" around a profession, the attitude of those people, the way they dress, is the main part of whether or not you'll be happy with a job, not the work itself.

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      I know what I want to do, and I know how I want to do it but... Damn does United States have a terrible college system.. It's so expensive and truly scary. I've known for a very long time what I want to do... Just working up the courage to do it is the hard part.

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        Yeah, take it one step a time. Nothing wrong with going part-time, that's what I ended up doing, 2 classes a semester. I commuted from home, smaller local university. I didn't make the decision based on money but it worked out to like 1/4th the fees of living on campus at a major university only an hour away. But yeah, everytime my internet friend in england talks about getting basically PAID to go to university... (sadface)