A Strange Place for a Kiss by Telvadian Rebel (critique requested)

A Strange Place for a Kiss (critique requested)

Telvadian Rebel

22 February 2013 at 06:46:30 MST

Slightly late, but this was a Valentine's Day gift for my love, Sam. I'd had the characters done on time, but circumstances and commissions prevented me from finishing the background until recently.

'Tis Kimmi and Lazarus again, from RP land. :3 Done in prismacolor markers and a technical pen and pencil. I'm pretty happy with it, as far as couply pictures go. My only real gripes are her hand resting on his neck and a stray line on her collar bone. And I feel like the image could've been centered better, but that bothers me less. But Pen is pretty unforgiving once you start inking and make a mistake! lol. Anyway, this pair has particular significance to us, since her kissing him was the first thing I ever drew for him - and we weren't even together yet as a couple when I did!

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    A few subtle anatomical details seem to be missing, but they are of no consequence. The important thing is the interaction of their faces, and that is done very well! (The bubbles around their head in the background are a nice touch).

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      Thank you. :3 i was pretty happy with the way the faces turned out. Feel free to critique the anatomy if you want to though; I can always use the advice!

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        Okay... I'm just reluctant to dive and offer critiques, some people aren't looking for them and get annoyed (which I understand, especially since critiques often deal with differences in style, rather than objectivity). I guess that I feel that their navels should be visible, and Lazarus is missing a nipple. Still... that could just be a style difference, especially with how you distribute the lines (as opposed to body shadows).

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          I think you're right about the nipple. The navels, I had the figures sketched out in full before I inked them, and that just fell just out of sight, but I think I should've added some shadow to indicate the beginnings of the indent. What do you think? And this is flagged for critique anyway. I never mind. :) Thank you!

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            If its not going to be fully lined, there is no harm in at least a noticeable bit of shadow to tell us something is there.