Fragment - The Death of Ferr by Televassi

Fragment - The Death of Ferr


12 January 2016 at 05:04:01 MST

So I figured it was time to give a little teaser of what I've been up to. If any of you have been following my twitter, you might have noticed a few verses I've posted as tweets. Well, consider this a larger fragment.

I've always been interested in the concept of 'tales within tales' when it comes to stories. I think it's an essential way to show a culture when you have characters referring to products of their culture. If we look at how we speak, we don't just talk in isolation. By this I mean, we talking about cultural products too. The best example is from Gaming. The example would be when you share a joke about a game. The amount of times I once said to people "Oh, it's you," mimicking Glados... The point is, when we do things, we're expressing culture. We use a product of culture to express ourselves. In order for a fantasy or science fiction world to feel real, similar exchanges need to happen. We have to read people expressing themselves by referring too, or quoting objects of culture. This can be a powerful thing actually, as whenever you hear someone speak of being "the green-eyed monster," you're using a phrase coined by Shakespeare.

Anyway, this is a fragment from a sequence of stories that one of the races in my fantasy world refer too. It's a collection of older, oral stories, that are often evoked in similar ways. The idea began as an attempt to build a sense of mythic identity within the narrative, and while this still is the case, I'm thoroughly enjoying writing these stories. They vary in style and content, and at the moment I have about ten works in progress, some at 3,000 words, some over 10,000 words.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!

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    I love the feel of this. Words are your bitch.

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      Thanks! I was never expecting to hear you say "words are your bitch" though! xD