A Real Show Stopper by TeknicolorTiger

A Real Show Stopper


9 December 2015 at 00:45:15 MST

Another TF sketch commission for MrNibs on FA. His rather tragic Rachel, a singer who is doomed to become a displacer beast on occasion. Here she is most likely being triggered by stage fright. I was going to go more detailed with the background but decided it would defeat the purpose of these supposedly being sketches and I had already gone a touch over time because I nitpicked the middle one's anatomy. lol Rachel was a lot of fun to transform and a nice break from werewolves. :) Displacer beasts are awesome!

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    Words cannot describe how much I love this. So I must dance. dances

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    Oh do everyone else you should download this. The details are incredible!

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    I suggested the addition of a single tag to help people find the pretty displacerkitty. Gotta explain this stuff nowadays or people go nuts about tags. :/

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    Ouch that looks like it smarts. Really cool to see a displacer beast, recognized the critter right off the bat. Nice work.

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    Yay for displacer beast. It's not as bad as some think, I'm sure she'll get use to it after a while. A very cool pic :)