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Onyx 'n Jade by Teiirka

Onyx 'n Jade


3 January 2016 at 14:04:31 MST

11' x 14" color pencil

She is an Iberian lynx, a critically endangered species. I thought I knew a lot about cats and thought I knew all the species but I had never heard of an iberian lynx till I started the project last weekend. The iberian lynx used to be considered a lynx sub species but in recent years, has been classified as a separate species. They are native to only the iberian peninsula. Last count I could find shows only about 300 left in the wild.

At birth, her father wanted to call her Onyx because of her jet black hair that glistened like onyx. Her mother wished to call her Jade because of her rare green eyes. She got both.

Kitties in trees, bows and arrows, and big green orbs, all popular subjects, so I combined them in hopes of something popular X 3. :)

Yeah, yeah, bow is being held weird, what can I tell you, this started out as a simple purdy pin-up and I ended up with this. I will be picking at this for the next week or so.

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    Got to love what that wry smile of hers does to her eyes. And the way she fills out that totally inappropriate-for-hunting dress.

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      When I was making this, even though it was not intended, I thought it looked like some sort of archery advertisement. Just a plastic prop tree on a set and she has never shot an arrow in her life. :)

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        I guess that is one way to attract people for the archery convention/competition.

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        "Okay, young lady, youir job is to dress up funny, sit here looking good and get paid well for it. Questions?"