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Blood Canisters by Tehweenus

Blood Canisters

Tehweenus ( Colorless version that I think looks way cooler. )

A super massive beast has unearthed itself and expanded its ring field, consuming all life in a several mile radius around it.
It is estimated to destroy all life within a week.
In under three days of testing, we have confirmed that its life consuming barrier can be breached through use of blood filled canisters.
The canisters deplete at a rate of one per minute. We have a last ditch plan.

First, all people capable of donating blood will be called to act.
Secondly, any prisoners will be executed for their full worth.
All collected blood will then be given to as many operatives as we can field, and be dispatched inside of the zone.
All operatives will be sent in over-burdened to buy as much time as possible, and shed their shells as they near the heart of the beast.
Operatives will search for a vulnerability and attempt to execute the beast.
Loss of life is expected. Chance of success is estimated beneath one percent.

The beast is confirmed to have a ring.
In the event of success, all operatives will be sentenced to death.
We cannot trust that one of them will not have taken the ring.
If we survive, we must take measures to prevent another conception.

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    Man... so cool.

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    ooh woah, i really love the colors here! your style is gorgeous ;0;