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[Silly Doodle] Navirou's Doughnut Experience [3/3] by TehRealMonkeyjelly

[Silly Doodle] Navirou's Doughnut Experience [3/3]


This doodle was on my list for awhile and was inspired by a tweet on Twitter talking about this character and had some expansion scene where he puffed up after eating a doughnut. So, I had to do some research of this character whose named, Navirou. He's from the Monster Hunter Series and I immediately fell in love with this character and so heres this scenario of Navirou eating a doughnut which has some familiar side effects.

Navirou: Can't hold it anymorrrreeee.
Test subject #327 Status Terminated. It seems he couldn't hold his gas.
And in the end that one doughnut was his last doughnut XD

Morale of the story: Don't rush to get free doughnuts from a shady company.

Character(s) - Navirou (Belongs to Nintendo or the Game/Anime, Monster Hunter Stories)

Art by Me