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[Silly Doodle] Gumball's Night With The Boys by TehRealMonkeyjelly

[Silly Doodle] Gumball's Night With The Boys


I wanted to make another college Gumball picture, because I had another idea for him. I can say that Gumball would definitely smoke weed with some friends while playing video games and chilling around his dorm room on Sunday nights while the next morning an exam is waiting for him to fail. Ihope you guys enjoy :3

Gumball and his friends. Cato or his friends call him lil Cato due to his music career is going for his associates in Music and Political Science. Blinx whose going for a chemistry major and a Energy Science major as he continues to save the world of time on his freetime. And Kuro, a cyborg who wants to live a little and tries his best to accomplish a Electrical Engineering majors, while trying to stop evil and gaining an understanding of life. Gumball's closes buds as he continues his education and graduates with his associates in Cyber security and video game design. One night Gumball invited his friends over while Darwin was out with Carrie at the beachside carnival. Due to Darwin not liking him do that stuff around him. Gumball wanted to try this new weed out and the results are sizable. Yet, the gang don't mind the sudden change in height especially, Kuro who seems to have a strange interest in feet. But in the end, Gumball, Cato, Blinx, and Kuro would definitely do it again.

Characters - Gumball Watterson (Belongs to Cartoon Network or TAWOG), Cato or Little Cato (Belongs to TBS OR Final Space), Blinx (Belongs to XBOX or the game Blinx: The Time Sweeper), and Kuro (Belongs to Cyborg Kuro-Chan)

Art By Me